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Frequently Asked Questions

First of all: For a website like this you would already have to invest thousands of dollars in programmers, writers and translators. You also would need to participiate in marketing courses to find out how to get visitors. And so on… I’ll give you all this for free – it’s only a mouse click away!

General questions

Is this fraud?

The company Global Domains International (GDI) has been based in California (USA) since 1999. In total, the company pays out 50% to 60% of all revenue generated by its affiliates to its affiliates. The company itself also generates very high revenues. It would be unwise to cheat on someone on a well-functioning business model. So fraud can be excluded.

And even for me it would be useless to rip off someone because I am interested in residual income. What would a lousy US dollar commission earned by fraud bring me? Nearly nothing. I only profit from it if you are successful. Therefore, I will help you absolutely for free.

Is there a US dollar account needed?

No. You can have your earnings paid out to any account. It will then be automatically converted into the appropriate currency. It doesn’t matter if it’s your common bank account or your PayPal account. You can also redeem checks in the appropriate currency.

How much money can be earned?

That depends on each individual affiliate.

With only 10 minutes of work per day using your private Facebook account you could at least earn as much money as I do in the future. And I really earn a lot of money. Even if my lead is high, theoretically you could even make more money than me.

Keep in mind that you only need to refer 5 affiliates once to get to over $3900 each month very soon if your affiliates are doing exactly the same thing. And if you want to earn more money, you just refer more affiliates. It’s as simple as that.

With my 7-Day Success Plan you AND your refered affiliates (and so on) will be able to refer many affiliates in the first week right away. Follow the instructions and you will soon be making a lot of money on the internet – I am convinced of that!

Take a look at the Compensation Plan of the company GDI, then you will see how profitable the whole thing is. With the replicable $100 bonus, you can even earn a few hundred dollars right at the beginning.

Doesn't only the anonymous millionaire earn the whole money?

No. If you look at the compensation plan, you recognite that there are only five, no more than six levels in this business model.

What I want to express is that absolutely anyone can effortlessly build their own 5 level network here. And the pie is big enough for everyone to get a big slice of it.

Is any previous knowledge needed?

Absolutely not. If you know how to operate a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you already have everything you need to succeed in this online business.

What is this business model called?

Well, there are even several terms.

This business model is known as network marketing, referral marketing, multi-level marketing (MLM) or affiliate marketing 2.0.

Don’t be discouraged by these terms. It’s all very much easier than it sounds.

Usually, network marketing is very time-consuming because you have to convince people… but not in this case! This website does all the work for you. Everything is ready and served on a silver platter.

Many clever and rich people will tell you that network marketing is a good way to earn money if you click on this link: Quotes (including Donald Trump, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and more).

Why should anyone join here?

GDI is the best of the best at helping normal people make money online. I know this from personal experience.

Yeah… there are hundreds of programs out there that LOOK good, but I’ve been online long enough now to test most of them and they just don’t work nearly as GDI.

Remember: You only once need to do the preliminary work to generate an increasing residual income. After that you do not have to worry about anything anymore and still earn more and more money.

Questions about this website

Why doesn't the millionaire reveal his identity?

Well, think hard.

You will receive an exact duplicate of this website. It would be a huge disadvantage for you if my name appeared on your website. Don’t you think so?

How can this website be received?

Go to the Create Website page, become an affiliate of GDI and then simply enter your GDI username in the input field. And boom, your website is created – no further steps nor any installation required.

Yes, that’s right. No traditional registration is required. I do not need your address or your e-mail address. All you need to do is enter your GDI username into the input field and your page will be created in seconds, even if it’s 2 AM in the morning.

And each affiliate you refer can do exactly the same thing. The system works completely automated. I’ve done the preparatory work, from which you now can benefit for free. This website is a „true money making machine“ that turns visitors into profit.

You can’t really make money any easier now.

The website and the 7-Day Success Plan are really for free?

Yes. As always, I will never ask you for a single penny. Apart from that, I will not bother you with anything as you may know from other „internet gurus“ who firstly lure us with free baits to sell us something expensive afterwards.

And if you understand the principle, then you also know that I really want to help you to succeed. Because: only if you make money, I’ll make money, too. So I want to assist you with this.

What has to be done after creating a website?

After you’ve created a website you will get direct access to the 7-Day Success Plan I promised you.

In the Success Plan you will immediately be told how you can use your Facebook account as soon as possible to refer new affiliates and earn commissions. You can simply use different text templates by copying them and inserting them on suitable places on Facebook.

Actually, there are always the same processes. You can work almost exclusively with Copy & Paste.

Questions about Global Domains International

What is GDI actually about?

At this point I would like to advise you to watch the GDI video presentation. You can find it on the GDI affiliate page, where you can also directly register online. Just visit the Create website page and click the button „Go To Affiliate Page Of GDI“. The exciting video is definitely worth watching!

So it's just about referring affiliates?

Exactly. The website you’ve created here does the job for you – fully automated. You’ll need to take care about visitors only – and you’ll find lots of them on Facebook: For free, without an advertising budget! I’ll show you exactly where to find them on Facebook.

When will the payout be made?

Once you have selected the payout method bank transfer, PayPal or check and the minimum payout amount, the payment will be made automatically before the 15th of each month.

You can get a payout from $10 upwards.

Does GDI cost something?

You can try GDI for 7 days full-featured for free and start earning money straight away. After the 7 days, GDI just charges $10 monthly and you can quit anytime, even before the trial period ends. Of course you’ll pay absolutely nothing then. There is no contract, so you can quit anytime. As you see: there is no risk.

And except of the ridiculously low price of $10 a month, you will not have to make any further investments. Promised!

At this point I would like to mention once again that the one US dollar commission does not bring much and that I only get it if you decide to continue after the 7 trial days.

So you can be absolutely sure that I will help you build your own income for life from home. And with my help, you will succeed even in the 7-day trial period. Let me prove it to you.

How can GDI be tried for free?

You want to try GDI for free and without a risk for 7 days? Alright! Visit the Create website page and click the button „Go to affiliate page of GDI“. Under the really interesting video you will find another button to get to the online registration form. Registration takes a maximum of 10 minutes. Signing off is even faster if you decide to quit.

This is my invitation for you to also get to know the sunny side of life and to benefit of my masterpiece for free.

And I promise you as someone who’s been on both sides of life:

It’s much better over here…