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Completing the preparations will take no longer than 15 minutes. I would like to emphasize here that it is about YOUR life and YOUR future. So do not postpone this easy tasks until tomorrow – do it now or you will never succeed in your life.

Don’t worry: I will let you know right in time when you really deserve a break.

Preparations For Your Domain

The following step-by-step instructions are about setting up a redirect to my website with YOUR affiliate links so you can start earning money right away. Concentrate and look closely at the pictures, so you do not make any mistake.

Step 1: Login to the GDI Members Area. Click here to visit the login page.

Step 2: On the left click Domains.

Step 3: Click on Change DNS.

Step 4: Activate Domain Forwarding and click on Continue.

Step 5: Under „Should Forward to This Destination URL“
paste https://www.profit-system.ws/en/?gdi=serkon7 into the box.

Then click on the checkbox belonging to Mask to activate it (VERY important).

Last but not least click on Update.

Step 6: Write down the displayed domain in lowercase and add www. before it. If your domain is called YOURDOMAIN.WS then write down www.yourdomain.ws.

Congrats! You just created a duplicate of my website.

Note: Even if it says it takes up to 72 hours until the changes take effect, in most cases it takes only 2 minutes. You can just visit your own website to check if it worked for you.

Do not stop working yet. Soon you can take a break.

Preparations For Your Facebook Account


These are preparations for the 7-day success plan that will enable you to refer many new affiliates in short time. You do not have to stick to this well thought out plan, but the success rate is enormous. If you try something different, you do not have to wonder that you are not successful. I want you to succeed. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account. Click here to visit the login page.

Step 2: Click on your name to visit your Timeline.

Step 3: Click in the box on the text What’s on your mind? to create a new post in your Timeline.

Step 4: Paste

Make $827.49 πŸ’΅ every Day using just your Facebook Account working 10 minutesπŸ•‘
Check out this Site: www.yourdomain.ws 🏝️ and try it for FREE! πŸš€

into the box. Replace www.yourdomain.ws with your link you created here before.

Step 5: Make sure you checkmarked News Feed and set the post to Public (World Icon). Then click on Post.

You successfully posted your money-making link on your Timeline and thus completed the first part of the preparations with your Facebook account.

Continue working! You are almost done with the preparations.

Money-Making Groups

Now it’s about joining Facebook groups where you can promote your business for free.

Step 1: Paste Earn Money Online or Make Money Online in the Facebook search box and hit the Magnifying glass icon. Then click on Groups

Step 2: Find 10 groups with at least 20000 members and hit the Join button to join them.

Important note: Do not join more than 10 groups per day!

Step 3: If you did step 2 in this section (Money-Making Groups) for the first time, then you really deserve a break now.

For now it’s only necessary to wait until you got approved by some groups, then you can continue with the next steps. As you can see, your break is even meaningfully used. Excuse me, but I’m very rational πŸ™‚

From now on, every day at the same time, you should join 10 more groups until you have been approved by a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 70 groups. Just repeat steps 2 and 3 in this section until you reach the desired number. Remember that more groups mean more money in less time.

Promoting Business

In the following instructions, I’ll tell you how to promote your business into groups for free. These instructions are about your daily work.

Step 1: On the left click on Groups or alternatively click here to open the Facebook Groups page.

Step 2: On the left below Groups You’re In you can see the groups you successfully joined. On the screenshot they are just called Group 1 to 5. On your account you will see groups called something like „Earn Money Worldwide“. Click on See More… (if available yet) to see more groups you joined.

Now click on the first money-making group in your list.

Step 3: On the top of the group page click in the box on the text Write something… to create a new post in this group.

Step 4: Paste a template from the Success Plan in the box and choose a background color for more attention.

Your group post will look like this then:

Step 5: Click on Post to submit your group post.

Step 6: Repeat all steps in this section (Promoting Business) with the other money-making groups you joined until you posted in all of them.

That’s it!

Do this simple job every day and you will be earning lots of money very soon!
Don’t be frustrated if you do not get New Signups on the first day. Some people sign up the next day and others at the end of the week. Go through this for at least a week and you will have success, I am convinced!

Just as an info for you:

  • There are about 8 clicks per creation of a group post (after you have copied a template for the first time).
  • With 30 group postings it would be about 240 clicks in total.
  • With little practice it only takes 10 minutes to create 30 group posts.
  • Even 15 group postings can be enough to make money online quickly.
  • Always the same processes have made me what I am today: a millionaire! Yes exactly these processes you can see here now.

If this is too tiring for you, then this easy job is simply not for you and you have to stay trapped in your hamster wheel all your life. Otherwise, you will hopefully also soon be on the sunny side and enjoy a life in complete freedom.

Remember: You do not have to do this work your whole life. Depending on your luck even just one week of work can be enough to change your life to a better.

One week of work would be about 1680 clicks in total which could make you rich very soon.

Now consider, what is better for you:
A) Wake up every morning to work for 8 hours
B) Click 70 minutes a week

I have now shown you a way that can permanently improve your life. You have to go it yourself.