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Here is the description and explaination of a few common terms concerning the topic network marketing.

In principle, network marketing works according to the motto „Customers advertise customers“, but you do not get a one-time, but a permanent commission here. In addition, a network with several levels is built and you also get durable commissions for up to a certain number of levels.

A networker is someone who participates in and represents the network marketing of a MLM company.

Duplication in network marketing means getting someone excited about something and teaching him to get others excited about it. And so you duplicate yourself. This process is also known as leverage effect.

The upline consists of the direct line of all networkers who are above the networker, up to the actual company.

The downline refers to all affiliates who have been referred by a networker himself, as well as their referred affiliates, their referred affiliates, etc.

The networker, who refers somebody else as an affiliate, is called the sponsor of the respective referred affiliate.