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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

First of all: For a website like this you would already have to invest thousands of dollars in programmers, writers and translators. You also would need to participiate in marketing courses to find out how to get visitors. And so on… I’ll give you all this for free – at the touch of a button!

Is there a US dollar account needed?

No. You can have your earnings paid out to any account. It will then be automatically converted into the appropriate currency. It doesn’t matter if it’s your common bank account or your PayPal account. You can also redeem checks in the appropriate currency.

Is any previous knowledge needed?

Absolutely not. If you know how to operate a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet, you already have everything you need to succeed in this online business. In the free Profit System Training Center you will find detailed instructions on how to make money after you have created your free website.

Who is the creator of this website?

The creator of this website is a genious and Internet millionaire. He doesn’t share his identity to your best.

You will receive an exact duplicate of this website. It would be a huge disadvantage for you if my name appeared on your website. Don’t you think so?

How can this website be received?

Go to the Create Your Free Website page, sign up with any number of the 5 programs, enter your affiliate IDs in the input fields and touch the button. And boom, your website is created – no further steps nor any installation required.

Yes, that’s right. No traditional registration is required. I don’t need your email address, contact data or anything else. You can use this website completely anonymous just like me.

And you can get your website anytime since it works fully automated, even if it’s 2 AM in the morning.

The website and the Training Center are really for free?

Yes. As always, I will never ask you for a single penny.

And if you understand the principle, then you also know that I really want to help you to succeed. Because: only if you make money, I’ll make money, too. So I want to assist you with this.

What has to be done after creating the website?

After you’ve created a website you will get immediately access to the free Profit System Training Center where you’ll find everything to get started (including the link to your website that contains your affiliate links).

Illustrated instructions explain exactly what you need to do to make money with your website.

After completing the preliminary work it’s actually just about a few clicks and copy & paste every day.

Are there any costs?

This website can be used totally free of charge and you can decide which of the 5 programs you want to join.

You can try Global Domains International (GDI) for 7 days full-featured for free and start earning money straight away. After the 7 days, GDI just charges $10 monthly and you can quit anytime, even before the trial period ends. Of course you’ll pay absolutely nothing then. There is no contract, so you can quit anytime.

Strong Future International (SFI) can be permanently used free of charge and you still can make a fortune with it. However, investments are possible and ultimately pay off.

LeadsLeap can be used permanently free of charge and still get a lot of targeted traffic and earn money. Upgrading to the Pro Membership is optional, but recommended as it brings you tons of additional traffic.

If you absolutely don’t want to spend money (and in return, make money more slowly) then you should definitely join Strong Future International and LeadsLeap. Since Global Domains International offers a 7-day free trial, you should at least try it as well.